Trojan Trailers sells a wide range of trailers to suit your tradesmen needs. We offer custom solutions for all trades, including:

  • Trailers For Plumbers
  • Trailers For Painters
  • Trailers For Fitters & Turners
  • Trailers For Machinists
  • Trailers For Kitchen Assemblers
  • Trailers For Electricians (Sparkies)
  • Trailers For Mechanics
  • Trailers For Carpenters

Our high quality galvanized steel trailers can store all of your tools, equipment and materials. Whether you are getting supplies from an engineering supply shop or you are a sole trader looking to expand your business and require a trailer for your extra tools, rest assured that Trojan Trailers can help you.

Got any questions? Call Trojan Trailers today and we can customise your new trailer to suit your tradesmen needs. After all, we are the trailer company that the ‘tradies choose!’

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